Dear B,

Thank you for sharing that breathtaking photograph of your mother.  Mesmerized by her effortless beauty, I giddily turned towards my grandmother, only to find Millie smiling as a single tear wandered down her cheek.   There is a rare and timeless veracity candids portray, she said, and their popularity wanes in the age of retouching.  To be truthful, I originally thought I’d write about those whose style inspires me most (and, not surprisingly, Millie and I are penning those letters too), but after listening to my grandmother, I decided instead to hunt for candid photos of those icons, much like that lovely picture you wrote about.  Considering she was in part my inspiration, Millie suggested a few too of course . . .

Much love,


Catherine Deneuve

Linda Ronstadt

Joanna Newsom

Elizabeth Taylor

Kirsten Dunst

Dolly Parton

Sharon Tate

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