Jorie and Hal

Dearest Millie,

It has been ages since I’ve written you;  I know work should not be an excuse, but it has been a busy time.  That being said, I just had to share a highlight from my packed summer . . . Jorie!

a perfect place to start, no?

She is truly a force of nature, throwing herself so fully into planning each and every gorgeous detail I’m so excited to share, bursting with happiness over marrying the man she loves (Hal, who is also divine).  I always like working a concept, which is a great term to keep couples and vendors on the same page.  Our word: Bohemian.


an ode to Raul Avila

I became enthralled and inspired by this year’s Raul Avila’s entrance to the Met’s Costume Gala so we built this bar as a homage.

program from Courtney at swiss cottage designs

Courtney’s handrawn stationery suite (check out our artists own blog post on these two . . . ).  She really captured Jorie and Hal’s quirky style.

isn't this perfect?

Lighting is everything in my book, for there is no theatre without lighting. Certainly no diamond is purchased without its illuminating glow and we were fortunate to have such supple natural lighting from afternoon to evening.  Combined with the inviting, whimsical balls hung by a favorite florist of mine, Flowers in Season, the tent was alive with light as Dark Star Lighting did their magic.

what color . . .

by the light of night

Glass reflecting soft light feels so Bohemian, don't you think?

And then of course, there were the flowers . . .

Bouquet of balanced freedom

Transition to late night

Here are some of the concepts that amused us all, buttons for table assignments and a canvas silhouette guest book.  It all tied together so beautifully!

i know how much you love when pragmatism meets clever . . .

Clever guest book

Of course you know that this beautiful output is the product of so much hard work and I have to thank Stina Booth Photography, Vermont Tent, Flowers in Season, Cloud 9 Catering, Dark Star Lighting, Fluid Bar Service, and Madmotion Video but mostly a great Bride and Groom.

With love,


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