The Greenbrier too

Dearest B,

I never cease to be amazed when I open a Belinda letter and out pours the most wonderful lessons in art, fashion, architecture, the list goes on and on.  Your recent note about The Greenbrier, West Virginia’s stunning 19th century estate turned resort, set my heart aflutter!  I simply must hear more about your event.  What were you and the crew doing in White Sulphur Springs?  Which rooms were you able to play in?  Do you have a favorite?  Most impressive chair?  Best gilded lamp?  I’d would just love to hear every detail.  I went photo hunting for inspiration myself and came across these . . . I do hope you enjoy them.

Can’t wait to hear about it,


Has a marriage of modernity and antiquity ever looked so inviting?

The aptly named, rightly admired Crystal Room

The Greenbrier's indoor pool

One of many ballrooms

The Victorian Writing Room (a personal favorite)

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