Gown today, here tomorrow

Dearest B,

I simply cannot stop thinking about that Fred Astaire comment you made the other day.  That man, as you so truly claimed, wholeheartedly understood the power of the dress – and how to make it sing!  It set me to thinking about that fabulous dance picture he did with a young Joan Crawford, his first actually, Dancing Lady, yes that’s the one . . . well, that led me to thoughts of  Ms. Davis, Joan Fontaine, Princess Grace, and so I thought Jennifer and I could make a game of it!  I’ve chosen a favorite dress from some of my most cherished Hollywood starlets, and she’s pairing it with a more contemporary piece, inspired of course, by wonderful you.


Millie and Jennifer

Fred Astaire and Joan Crawford in Dancing Lady (1933), Jean Paul Gaultier robe, 2000

Grace Kelly in Edith Head's design for Rear Window (1954), Zac Posen Spring 2011

Joan Fontaine and Noel Stewart, Spring 2011

Bette Davis (early 30's), Nina Ricci, Fall 2010

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