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Elegant Bride

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Dearest Alexis,

I was so excited by your letter.  You posted gorgeous images!  How fun to hear your voice on B’ blog.  You are my newest bride and someone I admire for your style, taste and lovely person.

You know all about the consturuction of the dress don’t you!  Here you are looking beautiful and with very few tugs!  The dress must fit!

Photo by Barrie Fisher Photographers

Ballet and the Wedding Dress

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I love ballet especially George Balanchine.  Ballet and wedding dress designers are connected through style and function.  Each dress/costume tells a story which includes hair and make-up.  Additionally,  they must work!


A ballet has all the ingredients of a wedding!  So my brides are the ballerinas of the day.  Even their posture and movement becomes a beautiful dance.

Oscar de la Renta’s lace treatment this year is magical.  I think this dress would be as beautiful in all white.  I just love the textures.  Clearly these two masters, Balanchine and de la Renta,  see eye to eye.

I am sure Elie Saab took inspiration from the Ballet Master.  Look at the hair and make-up.

Marchesa’s dresses are so feminine and bold.  This is a tutu!  J’adore.

So Degas……….and so Vera.

Lovely, edgy.  Ralph Lauren.

This is my favorite Balanchine look, simple, powerful, clean.  Ralph Lauren has the perfect long version.

When I saw this Gaultier dress at the de Young Museum in SF I immediately thought of ballet and how we always had layers of wool on our bodies.  I love the idea of a knitted jacket over a wedding dress.


So, let the dancer come through when planning your wedding…the designers do!


Gaultier and the Muse

Monday, June 4th, 2012

The second day at the de Young I was able to notice some of those details Gaultier clearly loved and wanted to include in his exhibition.

The photo of model, dancer, gymnast Elena Sudakova is exquisite and the dress is well….Gaultier!

Gaultier Surprise

Monday, June 4th, 2012

What joy, my trip to San Francisco started when my sister surprised me with a visit to the de Young Museum and the Gaultier exhibit.

It was so remarkable,  so we went back the next day!

The 30 animated mannequins are projections that talk and sing in playful and poetic vignettes with the appearance of interacting with you, even flirting.

Then there were the clothes.  I will focus right now on the French sailor period because that was a hard room to leave.

More details soon…..sigh