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The World of the Bouquet

Monday, December 24th, 2012

The bouquet is not the first decision a bride makes, really.  Far from it.  The dress is always first.  The bouquet should enhance the dress not be the star.  In this, I tend to be a traditionalist, preferring neutral colors but then it is not my wedding.  




These classic bouquets are still playful with the intertwining of shape and color.

Moving away from the classic, these two bouquets are more unique.  I love the single flower because you really are not distracted from the dress.  I am also a ribbon fan.

I think the sage color in this bouquet is lovely.  Carolina Herrera’s wheat bouquet was spectacular especially against the textured and elaborate fabric.

One of my Brides wanted pinecones in her bouquet .  The brown of the pinecones would not have photographed well so we made them her private secret.  Even though I am not a fan of color with the wedding dress, this bouquet is spectacular!


One way to get color is to let your Bridesmaids’ bouquet represent your love of color.  I do love the hint of purple in this bouquet and it works because of the wildness of the arrangement.  This Bride just had to have color and I agreed with her.

Finally two of my favorites bouquets!

It is all about the hair!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

This is the most personal decision a bride will make for her wedding.  It is important to feel special but not so different your fiancé is not happy.  Hair up, down, to the side, messy or tight…Question, who am I on this day and will he like it.?

Of course you then have the power of the dress.  It has found you and has a strong voice about hair, makeup and accessories too.  So much pressure!


Carolina Herrara showed this beautiful headband with her collection.  I think both headbands work and are a lovely addition especially with no veil.

And then you have the extreme Chanel messy looks.  And this winner up-do is perfect with it’s soft and romantic curls- even he will like this.



Oh, this is one of my favorite Candice Bergen images.  This up-do is copied and modified over and over again. Just perfection. Blake Lively looks wonderful with this version.

Then how can you leave out having your hair long!  The beautiful Kate shows us exactly how to do it and many brides now opt for the groom pleasing style.

Ballet and the Wedding Dress

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I love ballet especially George Balanchine.  Ballet and wedding dress designers are connected through style and function.  Each dress/costume tells a story which includes hair and make-up.  Additionally,  they must work!


A ballet has all the ingredients of a wedding!  So my brides are the ballerinas of the day.  Even their posture and movement becomes a beautiful dance.

Oscar de la Renta’s lace treatment this year is magical.  I think this dress would be as beautiful in all white.  I just love the textures.  Clearly these two masters, Balanchine and de la Renta,  see eye to eye.

I am sure Elie Saab took inspiration from the Ballet Master.  Look at the hair and make-up.

Marchesa’s dresses are so feminine and bold.  This is a tutu!  J’adore.

So Degas……….and so Vera.

Lovely, edgy.  Ralph Lauren.

This is my favorite Balanchine look, simple, powerful, clean.  Ralph Lauren has the perfect long version.

When I saw this Gaultier dress at the de Young Museum in SF I immediately thought of ballet and how we always had layers of wool on our bodies.  I love the idea of a knitted jacket over a wedding dress.


So, let the dancer come through when planning your wedding…the designers do!


From High Fashion to Wedding?

Monday, April 9th, 2012

How beautifully  this  captures past and present.  It reminds me of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress in High Society…a favorite!  I just loved the Christian Dior Couture show.

And here the great Elie Saab takes my breath away


I think this is the most amazing mixture of fabric and texture by Oscar de la Renta. Love it the heavy lace.  So Spanish.

What can you say about this… beautiful in all ways.  Charles James, 1953

The Power of Light for Events

Monday, January 16th, 2012

As I sit down to start the visual journey with a couple, light or lighting is always on my mind. There is no theater without lighting; no diamond was ever bought without great lighting. This is far from my Bride and Groom’s mind but never far from mine.

There is behind the scene lighting – spots, up lighting, template lighting. But then there is the design lighting – a great chandelier, an abundance of candles or an amusing bar that draws a crowd. Both are needed and both have a voice in my head.

Ahhh, let there be light…

Great design by Flowers in Season and Dark Star Lighting.  Everyone working as a team.

This was accomplished by the incomparable Dark Star Lighting. The midnight sky was magical and everything was perfectly lighted. The ugly ceiling is now beautiful.

This is one of my very favorite couples, and lighting only enhanced their love.

This is an excellent example of focused pin spotting on the table and great lighting for the backdrop.

Spectacular use of mood and style lighting. The ribbon tree provided a perfect focus for the center of the bar.

More is better!

I love the ceiling becoming the atmospheric design.

With Flowers in Season we created these chandeliers of whimsy.  Nighttime was magical!

Just a great detail having the pillar candles on the rafters.

Jorie and Hal

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Dearest Millie,

It has been ages since I’ve written you;  I know work should not be an excuse, but it has been a busy time.  That being said, I just had to share a highlight from my packed summer . . . Jorie!

a perfect place to start, no?

She is truly a force of nature, throwing herself so fully into planning each and every gorgeous detail I’m so excited to share, bursting with happiness over marrying the man she loves (Hal, who is also divine).  I always like working a concept, which is a great term to keep couples and vendors on the same page.  Our word: Bohemian.


an ode to Raul Avila

I became enthralled and inspired by this year’s Raul Avila’s entrance to the Met’s Costume Gala so we built this bar as a homage.

program from Courtney at swiss cottage designs

Courtney’s handrawn stationery suite (check out our artists own blog post on these two . . . ).  She really captured Jorie and Hal’s quirky style.

isn't this perfect?

Lighting is everything in my book, for there is no theatre without lighting. Certainly no diamond is purchased without its illuminating glow and we were fortunate to have such supple natural lighting from afternoon to evening.  Combined with the inviting, whimsical balls hung by a favorite florist of mine, Flowers in Season, the tent was alive with light as Dark Star Lighting did their magic.

what color . . .

by the light of night

Glass reflecting soft light feels so Bohemian, don't you think?

And then of course, there were the flowers . . .

Bouquet of balanced freedom

Transition to late night

Here are some of the concepts that amused us all, buttons for table assignments and a canvas silhouette guest book.  It all tied together so beautifully!

i know how much you love when pragmatism meets clever . . .

Clever guest book

Of course you know that this beautiful output is the product of so much hard work and I have to thank Stina Booth Photography, Vermont Tent, Flowers in Season, Cloud 9 Catering, Dark Star Lighting, Fluid Bar Service, and Madmotion Video but mostly a great Bride and Groom.

With love,


Grace Ormande

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

B Darling,

I was skimming Grace Ormand’s site today and low and behold my favorite wedding planner has been singled out! Congratulations Belinda, how thoroughly wonderful!

It’s richly deserved,


Jessica and Ori

A Summer Wedding

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Dearest Millie and Jenn,

Loved our time the other day, talking about all the beautiful things we love.  It made me think of my wedding season this year, which I couldn’t be more excited for!  It’s been great fun reminiscing and I wanted to share one favorite in particular.  This couple met on the streets of Manhattan and knew instantly they had found true love.   For their gorgeous wedding, not only was I able to work with Cloud 9, a truly wonderful Vermont caterer, but also the miraculous Michael Ereshena from Palm Beach.  Her Narciso Rodriguez dress, adorned with a family brooch, looked simply stunning.  As did the flowers that she and Lindsay worked closely together on.  I especially loved the carving the cornfield where all the guests walked from the barn ceremony to the reception, Manholo Blahniks and all!  Of all the places I work, Vermont truly has endless possibilities.  See for yourselves with Baranby Draper’s inspired photographs.

See you for next weekend’s wedding,


setting our scene

the ceremony

such a well adorned bridal party

quite a pair, right?

oh vermont

Shaking it Up

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Dear Belinda,

Inspired by Waylande Gregory’s irresistible salt and pepper shakers I found a host of precious sets.  What better pairing than these for wedding favors?

Much love,


Waylande Gregory salt and pepper shakers

Aren't they divine?


Vintage Seahorses

Paperdoll Woodshop hand crafted set

Jonathan Adler Shoe set