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Today’s Manners!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

I remember my mother instructing me on table etiquette when we were out in the world.  I remember one time it was about placement of my soup spoon.  It seemed so ridiculous, but is it?  Are there reasons for the rules and are there some that we may or may not ignore?   Are people looking at how you handle yourself socially and judging you?

I personally believe in politeness, kindness and common courtesy, but knowing some rules are helpful and if you reject them…your choice.

What are my rules that are worth keeping in today’s world?

  1. When introduced to someone, look at them!  In the eyes!
  2. Excuse yourself if you need to text or accept a call.
  3. Men should always open the door for a lady, even when the lady does not act like a lady.
  4. Be polite to a waiter no matter what or solve the issue privately with someone in who can fix the problem.  Do not ruin the evening
  5. Being late is not polite.
  6. At a dinner party it is your responsibility to speak to the person on your right and left even if the person on the right is heavenly and the left not so much.
  7. Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  8. Always try to introduce those around you.  Remembering names can be difficult so figure out a plan.  If I am with someone whom I will have to introduce, I will ask them to jump the gun and introduce themselves before I have to admit my bad memory!
  9. Thank you notes are lovely.  I must admit with good friends I sometimes use email but it’s not the same and just not as nice.
  10. Surprisingly this was a huge topic: where do you place the napkin when you excuse yourself to get up from the table?  Officially, it goes on the chair.  I do not like this because chairs are dirty. Is it ok to place on the table neatly?  Mother says no!  I still don’t want my napkin on the chair.  I will not listen to Mother on this one.

The perfect elegance of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy

We are so lucky to have the Post family continue to help us figure out how to have manners and common courtesies in 2012.